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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Live from Munich : High End 2016, Part 3 - Silbatone's Trumpets


This morning I had a peek into the Silbatone room to see how the set up progresses there.

This year they will be showing something completely different.

A system which does not have a historic pendant but is a new creation. The straight 'trumpet' horns actually predate electric recording.

Two of these horns are accompanied by a Western Electric 24A horn. All equipped with 555 drivers.

And a tweeter for the top end.

The large bass cabinet in the center uses two different types of woofers:

So apparently at least 5 ways. We need to see how all this will play together.

This set up will quite certainly attract a huge crowd again.

Stay tuned for updates and first sound impressions from this room.

Best regards


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Live from Munich : High End 2016, Part 2 - Setting Up


Set up of the system progressed well.

Here Wolf is hooking up one of the two turntables Bernd brought.

A view of the initial set up:

The two turntables are equipped with different tonearms.

The Reference tonearm:

The Arrow:

Line and Phono:

One of the 211 amps with PSU:

Globe tubes in the line preamp:

The most important equipment which was operational before everything else:

First Sound:

Set Up is pretty much complete. Tomorrow we'll do just some more fine tuning.

Stay tuned!

Best regards


Live from Munich : High End 2016, Part 1 - Arrival


Arrived in Munich and started to set up. Here some first photos.

All the stuff unloaded into the room.

Now it's time to hook everything up.

The 211 monos will serve as the main power amps for Wolf von Langa's SON.

This year Ze'ev of PureAudioProject is joining us with his Trio15 speakers wich use Wolf's A5000 field coil wide band chassis.

Bernd von Hemmen of PrimaryControl brought the Kinea turntable, which is now in final production version.

The turntable can be used with tonearms from 9 up to 13 inch length.

I also had a quick peek into the Silbatone room got see what they are up to this year.

Lot's of straight horns and large woofers.

And of course the mandatory Western Electric 555 field coil drivers.

Stay tuned for further updates from this years High End.

Best regards


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

EC8020 Differential Phono Stage - Part 3


In this post I am sharing photos of the finished EC8020 differential phono stage and some sound impressions.

This is how the signal section looks in it's chassis:

This time in a light wood color.

The chassis is extended by 60 mm compared to the usual size of my preamps to make enough room for all the iron inside.

The power supply in matching color scheme:

Signal section and power supply:

The power supply chassis was left in the standard length and is a bit shorter than the preamp.

Of course if wanted they could be made the same length.

The big question: is it worth to use twice as many of the precious EC8020 tubes and so much iron?

Quick answer: Yes, absolutely. The result is stunning.

The complete absence of capacitors in the signal path of the gain stages is revealing.

The improvements are similar as in the differential line stage over the single ended version. More pronounced small details like little changes of timbre or vibrato in voices makes the reproduction even more life like.

The sound is projected layer over layer into the room. Each instrument or voice can be easily followed in detail. Yet everything plays in an integrated harmonic fashion.

The playback is very relaxed and enjoyable without loss of detail or dynamics.

Sorry for the rant, but you wanted to get some information about the sound, right? All I can say I am very happy with the result and am curious which revelations the all silver version will bring.

Now some photos of the phono in operation, showing the tube glow.

8 Telefunken EC8020 glowing away is a sight to behold!

Besides an all silver version of this, I will also develop a differential phono based on the D3a tube.

Stay tuned!

Best regards